Roberta Bulotaitė

physical activity and public health specialist, professional sauna administrator, aromatherapist, Nirvana Breathing Fitness instructor, DNAlife genetic testing certified practitioner.


I found out about the Healing Home in the sauna through a close acquaintance with the founder of the Healing Plate, and now a fellow traveler in the field of wellness, Ingrida Kuprevičiūta. I have not had any serious health problems all my life, so I entered the field of wellness out of a great desire to give myself and my body a healthy and active lifestyle, simply out of a desire to be happy in my home – my body and my mind.

While studying biomedical sciences, public health and physical activity, in Lithuania and Portugal, I discovered and fell in love with the unique scientifically proven effects of plants on the human mind, emotions and body. I share the aromatherapy knowledge, practices and experience gained through training and conferences (France, Croatia, Germany, United Kingdom, USA) in the international community by organizing educational/experiential classes. One of the latest training on clinical aromatherapy (University of Minnesota, USA, Aromatherapy: Clinical Use of Essential Oils, 2020) confirmed that essential oils can be a great tool in medical institutions, hospitals, improving the emotional state of patients in particularly difficult or even critical situations. I hope that in this area, I will facilitate and improve the quality of your life with the help of aromatherapy.

I can't imagine my life without going to a sauna for a long time. It's no secret that the sauna is like my second home. I travel and enjoy saunas in Lithuania and abroad. Different experiences while being in the sauna allowed me to feel what a great place it is to be with yourself. To cleanse, renew and get energized. The Lithuanian sauna is special to me... As Ažuolė Bajor says: "... all transformations of personal life and nature should begin and end with a sauna", sauna is the place where once you feel its power, you realize that you want to return to this magical place again and again... To dive into the culture and rituals of the Lithuanian sauna deeper, I studied at the Perkūnija Bathhouse School. It was a special experience full of personal transformations, where, thanks to the leading instructors, I realized that I wanted to be a sauna administrator and to give you the pleasure of experiencing and getting to know the real Lithuanian sauna, allowing all five elements to come together: fire, water, earth, air, ether, to restore the natural state of your body and balance of thoughts.

Nirvana Breathing Fitness. Cleanse for the body and mind. Nirvana restores our body and mind through focused rhythmic breathing while teaching us how to breathe correctly every day, which improves our body's regenerative processes and greatly increases our chances of living a long, healthy life. Breathing is the only rhythm of the body that we can consciously control. Slow, relaxing, deep, rhythmic breathing is our gateway to a state of peace of mind and body. During these classes I will teach you how to breathe properly while performing a series of functional toning pilates/yoga exercises with relaxing music in the background along with sound signals for breathing that directly affect the relaxation centers of the brain. Breathing exercise with music for the peace of your body and mind.

I must also mention my passion and deep love for dogs. I believe most of the time you will see me accompanied by my pal, the Australian shepherd Dali. I have been using holistic aromatherapy for many years to improve the physical and emotional health of dogs. I am interested in dog therapy and its effects on human health. The final public health bachelor's thesis was devoted to the evaluation of the quality of life of a person who has a dog: "Quality of life of elderly people (not) having a dog: physical and mental health", which showed that the physical and emotional state of people who form a close relationship with dogs is significantly better. All my activities (agility, mantrailing, gym), and walks with Dali are one of my main forms of meditation. I believe that you will discover new experiences and activities with your dogs!

Lifestyle, diet, physical activity, emotional state, and surrounding environment have a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Prevention, taking care of one’s health and psychological state is the way to a long, happy and meaningful life.

I deeply believe that we will build close relationships with you. I am here to inspire you to change, maintain an active lifestyle, love for yourself and your body!