Ingrida Kuprevičiūtė

Founder of the Healing Home, specialist in therapeutic nutrition, co-author of the book Cancer 24/7


My journey toward the creation of Healing Home started in 2013, when I moved to Great Britain to follow my dream and study nutrition science. While studying, I had the idea of diving into the field of oncology, but my colleagues dissuaded me from this idea due to my high sensitivity. If you are meant to do something in life, sooner or later all the roads lead you to it. That is what happened to me too. I received my diploma in 2016 and started working intensively in Lithuania. I gave hundreds of lectures all over Lithuania on various topics regarding nutrition, founded the Healing Plate ( and consulted people with autoimmune diseases and various digestive disorders.

One day, I received an invitation from the public health office of Kėdainiai district municipality to conduct a series of seminars on the topic of oncological diseases. A few months later, I received an invitation from Virginijus Šaulys, then director of POLA (Association for Oncology Patients), to contribute to the writing of the book. This is how my journey in the field of oncology began. I entered and graduated from the Institute of Oncology Nutrition, and now I am deepening my knowledge in the field of oncology with Dr. Nasha Winters (, who shares with specialists everything she has learned over 30 years and teaches a new, metabolic approach to oncological diseases.

When I started working with people suffering from the oncological diseases I realized that people need help not only with nutrition but also with emotional aspects, like childhood trauma, stress reduction, physical activity, overcoming fears and rebuilding the lymphatic system. All these things may be even more important than a change in diet. I realized that in order to achieve the best results and be of maximum benefit to people, I need to create a team and an environment for these people to feel safe in, likehome – surrounded by attention, care and love. This is how the Healing House was born. At this moment we are taking the very first steps, but I believe that we will grow into something very big and beautiful!